Privacy Policy

Who is collecting the data?
Data is collected by Scotts Arms, its employees and its contractors, sometimes for the purposes of branding and marketing but mostly for the purpose of carrying out our business and providing excellent customer service

What data is being collected?
We collect names, company names, postal addresses, email addresses, domains, social media handles and relevant notes that enable us to better support our clients. Our Marketing Agency Gemini Marketing Solutions Limited and their partners who provide our secure website hosting and technical support may also collect similar data.

What is the legal basis for processing the data?
Data collected is done so on the basis of legitimate interest for the business activities of Scotts Arms, included also Recital 47 of the GDPR, “The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.”

Will the data be shared with any third parties?
Only as above with GDPR compliant Data Controllers for the legitimate business interests of Scotts Arms.

How will the information be used?
Data will be processed for the legitimate business interests of Scotts Arms.

How long will the data be stored for?
Data will be stored for the duration of a client’s relationship with Scotts Arms and where data must be stored longer to fulfil duties of care and within the law.

Where is the data stored?
Data is stored on GDPR compliant servers with GDPR compliant Data Controllers.

What rights does the data subject have?
All data subjects have the right of portability and disclosure of the data held by Scotts Arms upon submission of a Subject Access Request and the right of erasure if outside of the legitimate business interest of Scotts Arms.

How can the data subject raise a complaint?
We suggest all complaints are forwarded to the ICO

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